Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Double Trouble

 photo cocorosa-lacedress-1_zps0f066afb.jpg

Wearing lace on lace. The lilac TopShop lace dress is such a pain in the ass since it wants to crawl up, twist and turn around, basically do anything a dress can possible do to embarrass its owner and make for a fun day! The Zara long button down vest (or dress) is a bit more understanding and cooperative although it might trick you into tripping once in a while making you kiss the pavement. Luckily I survived these two lace misogynists and ended up having an incredible fun day with losts of laughs! ^_^

waering: Miista sandals, Zara long lace vest and necklace, TopShop dress
photos by Suz

 photo cocorosa-lacedress-3_zps0f30cea8.jpg  photo cocorosa-lacedress-4_zpsdc481c56.jpg  photo cocorosa-lacedress-7_zps477669f2.jpg  photo cocorosa-lacedress-6_zpsac97b3ba.jpg

Monday, April 21, 2014

I've got my eyes on you

 photo cocorosa-eyes-16_zpsd0c48cd4.jpg

Happy Easter! Hope everyone had a fabulous long and yummie weekend! I'm wearing my new Eye printed Zara dress with Melvin&Hamilton's mint green derby shoes! These derbies are the best, the perforated green leather is a bit darker on the toes and the yellow laces are perfect! The Wink&Winn bag is a customized/self designed bag since you can design your own bags on the Wink&Winn website! The website is fun to play with, you can choose between shapes, leathers, colors and details to customize your bag into perfection, I'm already playing to make my next bag!

wearing: Zara eyes dress, Zara blazer, Wink&Winn bag, Melvin&Hamilton derby shoes

photos by Lucy

 photo cocorosa-eyes-13_zps38015515.jpg  photo cocorosa-eyes-7_zpsfca50c87.jpg  photo cocorosa-eyes-4_zpsd39b228f.jpg  photo cocorosa-eyes-3_zps14072928.jpg  photo cocorosa-eyes-9_zpsaf8098cc.jpg  photo cocorosa-eyes-15_zps8ed75eea.jpg

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lovely Easter Round Up

 photo cocorosa-favoriteeasterdiys_zpsdf89b6c9.jpg

Happy Easter! Time for a little roundup with my favorite Easter DIY tutorials. I'm in love with the Ombre, Marble and Gold splattered and dyed eggs, who knew egg decoration would become so much fun again! Some bunny cookies are an Easter must too and don't even get me started on the Bunny macarons. I absolutely love the egg shell tutorials transforming the shells into delicate tea lights and vases, they are by far my favorite diy's and such a home decor gem to try!

1 DIY eggshell tea lights by hands occupied

2 DIY gold dipped marble easter eggs by style me pretty

3 DIY Ombre eggs by Claire Thomas

4 Rabbit cookies by la receta de la felicidad

5 DIY easter eggs by studio sjoesjoe

6 Easter egg flower vase by craftberry bush

7 Easter bunny macarons by raspberri cupcakes

8 DIY golden marbled easter eggs by she knows

9 Bunny cookies by Baked Bree

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jeans and delicate details

 photo LiuJo-cocorosa-1_zps9724b6c1.jpg

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