Friday, August 1, 2014

Moon Goddess

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Jewelry by BonaDrag and LaDama 

Because I have a thing for the moon and the mystic! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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There is a little bit of magic in everything! I just loved this mural in Sedona, Arizona. It's the side wall of one of Sedona's many Crystal, Magic, Psychic, Vortex shops and I had so much fun sniffling through crystals upon crystals shelfs and baskets, filling little pouches with so called magic healing stones, mostly for their beauty (but a little for their promised luck, love and divinity too) Some shops had even little backdoor Wicca corners promising magic in spells, charms and candles and I couldn't help but thinking about the "moon goddess shop" in the 90's flick "the Craft" I bought a set of gorgeous clear crystal engraved rune stones too, they are harder to decipher than tarot cards but scarely accurate! I'm serious! I'm almost scared to trow them again after they predicted my flight pretty good D: 

....And that brings me to last Sunday's flight, omg, I can laugh about it now but I actually ended up clinging to my chair for dear life, I don't think I have ever been that scared in my life. I took a flight from Pittsburgh to Chicago to transfer in Chicago to a connecting flight to Amsterdam. We took off in a storm and hit really bad turbulence shortly after followed by compressions stalls in the engines, at one point both engines failed! It was so violent. We diverted to another airport in Rapid City, Michigan, only 20 minutes from Chicago and luckily landed safely. We were told that there were metal shards in and around the engine and the pilot thought we would have not made it to Chicago. Crazy. We had to wait about 5 hours for another plane to Chicago where I had to spend the night. Luckily everything turned out good but I have to admit I was left quite shaken by the experience, I still am a little.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yummy World

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More Yumminess! 
Something about Kid Robot's Yummyworld is just irresistible to me, maybe it is the coy looking donuts and the teasing little cookies or just those happy little cupcakes and smiling eggs, I just love these plush toys, key caps and everything else!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Something Yummy for your Hair

 photo cocorosa-hairdessert-1_zps3f2c1f99.jpg

How delicious are these hair accessories by Hair Desert? Ice Cream Cones, Cupcakes, Pastel colored Triceratops and Hamburgers to decorate hair? Hell Yeah! 

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