Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Top, styled 3 different ways

 photo cocorosa-HM-5_zpsff5bb184.jpg

I love a versatile wardrobe, consisting of items I can style and wear a thousand different ways, creating new looks. Versatility is what makes styling fun after all. Basics are always easy to style, it are the eye catching pieces like this stripey top that might offer a bit more of a challenge, a fun challenge like being asked to style this striped top into 3 different looks for a H&M x Fashion Planet collaboration. I ended up having a blast creating the looks, wearing the top under a dress in my first look, loving the big sleeves with the voluminous dress and styling the striped top with a printed midi skirt for my 2nd look while combining the top with a different set of stripes and a maxi skirt for my 3rd look.

wearing: All items H&M except the pink Miista booties, Chanel vintage purse and Boden mint bowling bag.

photos by Suz

 photo cocorosa-HM-2_zps9ea1bb0b.jpg  photo cocorosa-HM-3_zps2d003be8.jpg  photo cocorosa-HM-8_zps7884e480.jpg  photo cocorosa-HM-4_zps7ac8a995.jpg  photo cocorosa-HM-6_zpse9ae0744.jpg  photo cocorosa-HM-1_zpsb9726a43.jpg  photo cocorosa-HM-9_zps950bfb26.jpg  photo cocorosa-HM-10_zps2b101316.jpg  photo cocorosa-HM-7_zps58d6fd4a.jpg

Sunday, April 13, 2014

6 awesome ways to style your home with flowers

 photo cocorosa-flowerdiy-5_zpsa335f04a.jpg
photo's via Kari Herer, Studio Roel Huisman via Design-Milk, VT Wonen, Anthropologie

Happy Flower Sunday!
Flowers are part of my home, often the finishing touch in home decor and I made it a weekly habit to pick up a beautiful bouquet. I love styling with flowers and always love to experiment with new vases, making bouquets and ways to showcase them through out my apartment. These are my favorite (new) ways of styling with flowers!


 photo cocorosa-flowerdiy-2_zpsc7704fb4.jpg

1) Flower Styled Antlers

We love Photographer Kari Herer's Antler with flowers prints, besides lusting over her beautiful photographs we love the idea of styling flowers with wall art, prints and yes antlers!


2) Put furniture to work

We love putting furniture to work like this desk by Studio Roel Huisman or a ladder for the use of showcasing plants and flowers.


3) Hang Vases, Cans and Cups

We love the hanging vintage milk cans and it's such an easy and beautiful way to style flowers. 


4) A more is more bouquet

Just think the opposite of minimal and moderate, we are talking about full blooming and big or bold and sometimes unusual and new combinations! It's all about making your own eye catching arrangements and experimenting! Gorgeous decadent bouquets can be made with supermarket flowers and the use of grids and foam.


5) Floral Chandeliers

This will most certainly take some crafting but it will be totally worth it, hanging vases, test tubes and wired frames will make for the most perfect Chandelier! (and for those clumsy like me we can always just decorate an existing chandelier with flowers)


6) Think like a Botanical collector

Lots of greenery. Plants and wild flowers styled together in pots, cans, bottles and chunky glass vases or framed pressed flowers give quickly that botanical, indoor garden feel. Collect notes, old bottles and even notes or books on flea markets.


 photo cocorosa-flowerdiy-6_zpse5cf1ae2.jpg
photo's via Design Milk (Pani Jurek, Marie S.C. Chandelier Lamp), Pinterest and Burnettsboards

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bottoms Up with Liu Jo

 photo Cocorosa-4_zps7e69ff66.jpg

Me in jeans! The other day I got a visit from the Liu Jo team for a quick styling session with the new Bottoms Up jeans, creating and photographing 3 looks with the jeans and other Liu Jo items. The jeans are super comfortable, slimming and give a slight push up on your tush (and who doesn't love a push up on the tush?) My first look is styled kind of casual preppy with the light blue shirt and pink cardigan and finished off with Liu Jo's hot pink crossbody bag that I totally fell in love with!

wearing: Liu Jo standard bottom up, Liu Jo Settings Cardigan, Liu Jo Poetto short sleeve shirt, Liu Jo Juliette crossbody bag

photos by Iris Ooms 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ready, Set, Shop.. H&M Conscious Exclusive 2014 Collection

 photo HMconsciouscollectionSS2014-1_zpsb776af3b.jpg

Tomorrow the new H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection will hit selected stores (as well as online H&M shops, check the website for your countries time) and I'm so ready and set to shop! I'm a big fan of the Conscious Exclusive Collections and this collection is yet again totally my cup of tea! Lace, massive volumes, lace up mules, embellished jackets and an embellished body harness, there is so much I'm lusting over! 

I remember running through Paris last year, google mapping my way to the nearest H&M on a low on battery Iphone and of course arriving at the store most items were sold out already or not in my size, luckily I had just enough battery left to find my way back to the Hotel hahaha. So this year I'm covering my ass by setting every alarm and notification on my (low on battery) Iphone to hopefully be on time and if not I will certainly be inspired by this beautiful collection for shopping and diy's (I neeeeeeed the necklace embellished harnessed thing).

photo credits: H&M

 photo HMconsciouscollectionSS2014-2_zpsfd17cd49.jpg  photo HMconsciouscollectionSS2014-3_zpse2a83b4f.jpg

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